Regaled as jubilant with excellent craftsmanship, Jan Peyser Jewelry™ is worn by happy customers both near and far.  Captivating designs reflect graceful and dynamic balance inspired by flora, the wind, ocean currents, the art of dance, and her imagination.  Every  piece of jewelry is made individually from concept to creation, and Jan works primarily in Argentium® silver, a highly tarnish-resistant sterling silver. https://www.argentiumsilver.com 

     Invited as an honorary member of the Argentium® Silver Guild in England, her Celestial earrings are displayed in their website's Gallery, which spotlights several Argentium® artists from around the world.  https://www.argentiumguild.com   

     A licensed user of the brand and trademarks, Jan hand stamps the Argentium® silver hallmark, a flying unicorn, and her name, on each of her designs.

     The discovery of Argentium® silver belongs to Master Silversmith, Peter Johns, of England's Middlesex University in London, who invented this highly tarnish-resistant sterling when a local hospital board asked if he could create a tarnish-resistant sterling to be used in making their surgical instruments.

     Argentium® silver is composed primarily of fine silver, with less copper than found in traditional sterling, and germanium, a white, crystalline element that inhibits tarnish. Argentium® is a purer, whiter, more durable sterling, and a few, quick wipes of a polishing cloth will clean and shine your jewelry almost instantly.  This sterling also can be washed with warm water and a mild soap, or, if you're out and about, it can be cleaned with a hand-sanitizer, such as Purell®.

     In sparkling silver, draped with 14k gold, or coupled with luminous pearls, Jan Peyser Jewelry™ has received recognition at the 2016 Academy Awards in Hollywood, in Gift Shop Magazine's In Trend section for biomorphic design, and her jewelry has been given Merit Awards and Awards of Excellence at national art shows.  

     Brighten your day with Argentium® Silver - The Finest Silver 

each time you wear Jan Peyser Jewelry