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Turquoise Canyon Earrings (Ear Wire Choice)

Price: From $84.00 to $86.00

In pure copper with @1/2", genuine turquoise centers and suspended from hypoallergenic, black niobium ear wires, these splendid earrings are open teardrops, 1.5" in length. The bottom half is hand-hammered with multiple hammer styles, so each pair of earrings will be uniquely textured. Tumbled in steel shot, they are bright copper and come with a polishing cloth. Select light gray hypoallergenic niobium, black hypoallergenic niobium, or sterling ear wires. Fun Fact: Though copper naturally oxidizes, you can smear ketchup all over them, let sit for a few minutes, rinse, dry, and presto - bright copper again!  (The slight bit of acid in tomato ketchup, paste, or sauce is the secret!)

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Lt.Gray Hypoallergenic Niobium or Sterling Ear Wires:
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