Heart Bangle-Bracelet

Argentium® Sterling is Satin-Textured by Hand with Self-Closure

Elegant Pearls Bracelet 

\28 AA Quality, freshwater cultured Round Pearls in Natural White, Natural Lt. Pink, or Peacock on Argentium® Sterling Doubled Chain with Strong, Magnetic Barrel Clasp


Ocean Waves Cuff 

Bright in sturdy 14 gauge Argentium® Sterling or NuGold Brass, this lovely cuff is Slim, Hand-Hammerd & Hand-Sculpted

  Cedar Tree Cuff

Strategically Hand-Hammered, Argentium® Sterling Inspired by the Bark of the Majestic Cedar Tree in California - Also See Cedar Tree Pendant and Cedar Tree Earrings


Moonlit Beach Ring

1/2" wide, hand-engraved and lightly hammered, tightly wrapped Argentium Sterling has a stunning, 10mm, freshwater white or dark peacock pearl.

Multi-Chain Bracelet in Argentium Sterling and Oxidized Brass with Flowers in Argentium Sterling and NuGold

Rainbow Terra Bracelet-Bangle

Multi-Colored, Semi-Precious Gemstones with accents in glass, crystals, spacers, and a strong, Argentium Sterling Magnetic Clasp easily, yet securely opens and closes to fit comfortably.  Choose a color theme: blues, greens, browns-sienna, pinks, grays, pearl, black and white, neutrals. 

Ocean Waves Ring in Argentium Sterling