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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Will My Jewelry Be Hallmarked?
Yes. The Argentium Sterling Silver designs are stamped with a flying unicorn, which is the hallmark for Argentium sterling. No other stamp is needed.

Will The Artist's Name Be On The Jewelry?

Yes. The only artist for Jan Peyser Jewelry, LLC is Jan Peyser, whose name or JP logo is stamped on each design.

How Can I Clean My Metal Jewelry?

Never use abrasive materials, toothpaste, or harsh chemicals on your jewelry.

A Sunshine® polishing cloth is included with every purchase.

Argentium Sterling has 94% fine silver and a touch of germanium, so it is tarnish-resistant and won't turn black, but you can clean it periodically. In addition to the Sunshine® cloth, you can use a gentle soap and warm water, then thoroughly dry. And, if you're out and about, squirt some hand-sanitizer, such as Purell®, and rub it onto the silver for a quick clean!

Copper and NuGold Brass do oxidize over time, and some people like that look, but, if you prefer to keep it bright, use your polishing cloth first. If that is not enough, smear ketchup all over the copper or brass, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse and thoroughly dry. Your piece will be glowing once again! (The little bit of acid in tomato ketchup, paste, and sauce is the secret ingredient that cleans these metals!)

Can Gemstones on the Jewelry be Cleaned?

Only use a dry, soft, cotton or microfiber cloth to clean pearls and gemstones.
Never use any cleaning agent on the cloth, and never put the gemstones in any cleaning fluid or ultrasonic cleaner.

Please Note: Pearls need to breathe, so do not store them in airtight bags or containers, and do not store or leave them where they will be continually exposed to the heat of the sun, heat vent, etc. (Wearing them outside is perfectly alright!)

When Should I Remove My Jewelry?
Always remove your jewelry before showering, swimming in a pool, ocean, or lake, relaxing in a hot tub or sauna, cleaning your house, apartment, car, and before exercising. 

How can I Talk to a Person, not a robot, at Jan Peyser Jewelry, LLC?
Click Contact Us and write a message, or, call the USA toll-free number on the Contact Us page to speak with a person in real time!

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