$79.∞ Grapevine Heart                Argentium® Sterling¶, Hand-Embossed, Textured Bail, Black Leather Necklace with Sterling Lobster Clasp

                      $149.∞ Pebble Beach                        Argentium® Sterling, Hand-Embossed,     Hand-Engraved, on Textured Bail, Argentium® Sterling Chain and Lobster Clasp

$259.∞ Lovely in Pearls Set Argentium® Sterling Chain, Circle, Lobster Clasp and Freshwater Cultured Pear Pearls in Natural Lt. Pink, White, or Peacock Raven's WIng

                                          $495.∞ Folded Blossom                                                 Argentium® Sterling, Hand-Engraved Front & Back, Hand-Sculpted

                    $162.∞ Curled Leaf and Pearl                     Argentium ® Sterling, Hand-Engraved, Hand-Sculpted, Textured Bail, Freshwater Cultured Pearl in Dark Peacock

                                           $225.∞ Ocean Wave                                                    Argentium® Sterling Hand-Sculpted Wire, Beads and 14K Yellow Gold Oblong Beads

                                $245.∞ Romantic Interlude                                Argentium® Sterling Hammered Bar with 14K Gold-Filled Hand-Sculpted Bar and Chain, with Freshwater Cultured Pear Pearl in Peacock Raven's Wing, Suspended Doubled Argentium® & 14K Gold-Filled Chains 

$89.∞ Turquoise Sky Natural Turquoise (3/4"-1") on Sparkling Gun Metal Brass Chain with Dark Gray Crystals on Gun Metal Bead with Argentium® Sterling Accents and Bail

                                     $495.∞ Blossom                                      Argentium® Sterling, Hand-Engraved Front & Back, Hand-Sculpted on Argentium® Sterling Chain with Lobster Clasp

                        $285.∞ Cockatiel and Mango                         Argentium® Sterling, Hand-Engraved,14K Yellow Gold Hand-Sculpted Wire, Freshwater Cultured Golden-Bronze Pearl on Argentium® Chain with Lobster Clasp

                         $354.∞ Under the Sea                           Argentium® Sterling, Hand-Engraved, Hand-Sculpted, Argentium® Sterling Chain with Lobster Clasp

$175.∞ Pirouettes and Pearls Set           (Interchangeable Pieces) Argentium® Sterling, Hand-Sculpted, Sterling Choker, Argentium® Chains with Freshwater Cultured Pearls/Earrings  (6 Color Choices)

                       $145.∞ Bar, Chain, & Pearls Set                             Argentium® Sterling Hammered Bar & chain with 8-10mm AA grade, freshwater, cultured pearls.  Sterling rondelles & metallic silver Swarovski® crystals sparkle on each side of pearls. Hand-sculpted, curved bar. Choose pearls in white, natural light pink, or raven's wing peacock

                                 NECKLACES & PENDANTS                           


                 $179.∞ Cedar Tree                      Strategically Hand-Hammered,         Argentium® Sterling, with Argentium®          Sterling Chain, Hooks, Lobster Clasp  (Also See Cedar Tree Earrings and Cuff)    

         $125.∞ Graceful Leaf Set       Argentium® Sterling Leaf, Chain with Lobster Clasp, Ear Wires, Hand-Sculpted, Freshwater Cultured Pearls  (6 Color Choices)  

Actress Lorielle New

Actress Keesha Sharp

$136.∞ Turquoise Drops

The stunning, 3/4" - 1" natural turquoise stone drops in blues, greens and black or tan matrix, plus an AA quality, white, freshwater pearl, make a gorgeous statement. Suspended from Argentium® sterling chain with secure lobster clasp. Note: All turquoise stones will be unique in color and matrix.

                     $90.∞ Ginkgo Leaf (Pendant)                         Argentium® Sterling with Hand-Engraved Striations and Hand-Sculpted  on Argentium® Sterling Chain with Lobster Clasp (Ginkgo Leaf Earrings on Earrings Page)

$79.∞ Corsage Multi-Chain Necklace A Delightful Necklace with Argentium® chain, Antiqued, Diamond-Shaped Brass Chain, Cherry Quartz, and a Sprinkle of FW Pearls